Intimate wedding in London

It’s always a great pleasure and adventure to take photos of a wedding abroad. Many times different traditions combine with new surroundings creating an inspiring mixture. I’ve been to London several times but first time taking part in a wedding. So feel invited to see the beautiful and intimate wedding of Marta and Bobby in the very heart of British capital.

preparations: Cadogan Gardens London

wedding ceremony: Chelsea Old Town Hall

wedding reception: The Locals Chelsea

Getting ready

The time when you get ready, either at home or at a hotel is an important part of your wedding day. Whenever you ask me if it’s worth having the wedding preparations on your photos, my answer is always the same – absolutely it is! Not only would your wedding story be incomplete without them but also you miss the chance to get used to the presence of your photographer by your side.

Intimate ceremony at a city hall

If somebody says wedding ceremonies at city halls aren’t as moving as the church ones, for sure hasn’t been to the wedding of these two. There were tears of joy and laughter, moving gestures and touching words. I believe it’s also characteristics of intimate ceremonies with a limited numer of guests – being surrounded by your closest ones once can feel their heart-warming energy all around.

Wedding photo shoot

While your guests are regrouping and getting ready for further celebrations of your day, you and your photographer can use that time to score some beautiful shots. That’s at least what we did. Chelsea neighbourhood offers many beautiful sites for memorable wedding photos. Also, you never know when you might be handed a cute fluffy dog to hold by a friendly passer by.

Wedding reception at a restaurant

The newlyweds decided to have their wedding reception at a cosy restaurant nearby their home. The decorations and flowers were made by them and their friends, which gave a personal touch to the day.